A selection of wood engravings by Gregory J. Lago

Aggrevation, 1992, 3.5x4.5
Three legged dog on two lane blacktop, 1985, 4x6
Duality, 1992, 4x6
Chapin Parkway, 1972, 5x3
Choice, 1993, 6x8
Marriage, 1985, 5.5x7.5
The Wedding, 1993, 6x3.5
Disinformation, 1992, 7x4.5
Immobilism, 2001, 3.x5
Dockbuilders, 1981, 6x7.75
Effigy, 1998, 5x3
Learning, 1986, 4.75x4
Calumet, 1990, 2x2
Devils Spine, 1975, 1x4
Island Farm , 1999, 1.5x2.5
Fireeater,1983, 4x6.75
Officers' Mess,1991, 9x4.5
Ice Storm,1998, 5x3

Black and white engravings are, generally, $50 and color engravings, with some exceptions, are $75.

Inquiries can be made by calling 315-686-5722 or by emailing wingedbullstudio@wingedbull.com