Four sculptures from Greg Lago's North Country Folk Hero Series

Her Honor
Matti Pananen
Abbie and Johanna
Antoine Tetrault
The term folk hero brings to most minds images of Paul Bunyon, the lumberjack or Pecos Bill, the cowboy. In fact, real folk heroes exist in every town and village. They are people who fight against "group think" and "conventional wisdom". Folk heroes are real people who farm 200 acres of land with a team of horses for 75 years, or a contemporary, woman mayor who takes on the "ol boys". They almost never appear on television, don't do videos or endorsements, and yet, the examples they set seem to have a strong effect on their community. In many cases they personify that which is specifically needed to endure in their particular domain. In the North Country, tenacity, humor, resourcefulness, and pride abound in all the characters who I have come to admire." -GL