Interior of Winged Bull Studio

Winged Bull Studio is the atelier, the workshop, of artist

Greg Lago

Lago's works in wood and paper can be viewed as they are created.

Wood Engravings





WBS was established by Karen and Greg Lago in 1988. An old cylinder proof press looming large against the back wall testifies to the role that printmaking plays in the studio. The Vandercook Universal One is a pulpit from which the gospel of grace and good work is preached to the letterpress loyal. The gallery is also well known by local artists for its excellent exhibition schedule.


Inquiries can be made by calling

315-686-5722 or by emailing


Overboard, 2006, 5x3.5


2006, 5x3.5, Edition of 25

1000 Islands, 2006, 8x10

1000 Islands

2006, 8x10, Edition of 100

Interdiction, 2006, 5x3


2006, 5x3, Edition of 50



Works by the following artists are available at WBS

Carol Acquilano
Larry Barone
Claudia Bianchi
Elizabeth Billhardt
Bruce Carter
Carmen D'Avino
Frank C. Eckmair
Mary Ann Evans
Ken Ferguson
Glenn Graver
Ken Knapp
Mark McMurray
Richard Margolis
William Salisbury
Paul Turecki

WBS has been showcasing artists
in special exhibits since 1988.


Detail: An Appreciation
of a Greg Lago Wood Engraving

A video by Gary Walts


Pinwheel, 1998, 3.25x4.5


1998, 3.25x4.5, Edition of 35

Winter Shed, 2006, 3x3.5

Winter Shed

2006, 3x3.5, Edition of 20